Solid-phase synthesis and screening of a library of C-terminal arginine peptide aldehydes against Murray Valley encephalitis virus protease


Nicholas Ede, Consegna Group Ltd, 7/21 Northumberland St, Collingwood 3066, Victoria, Australia. E-mail:


Murray Valley encephalitis virus is a member of the flavivirus group, a large family of single-stranded RNA viruses, which cause serious disease in all regions of the world. Unfortunately, no suitable antivirals are available, and there are commercial vaccines for only three flaviviruses. The solid-phase synthesis of a library of 400 C-terminal arginine peptide aldehydes and their screening against Murray Valley encephalitis virus protease are demonstrated. The library was utilised to elucidate several tripeptide sequences that can be used as inhibitors in further SAR studies. Copyright © 2012 European Peptide Society and John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.