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Migration as Movement and Multiplace Life: Some Recent Developments in Rural Living Structures in Turkey



Discussing recent trends and developments in migration and mobility affecting what may be referred to as a ‘reconstitution’ of villages, this paper discusses the changing character of rural settlement and settlement patterns in Turkey today. The binary division of rural and urban is questioned through a dialectical/relational approach to settlement formation, while settlement is defined by relation to (human) movement, itself understood as incorporating the modalities of migration and mobility. By focusing on the socio-economics of increasing affluence, the advance of capital generally, and the introduction of neoliberalism into agriculture in particular, a number of contemporary rural-oriented (migratory/mobility) movements and ‘living structures’ are investigated, which, taken together, suggest a growing development of ‘dual settlement’ and ‘multiplace hybrid’ life. The paper concludes with a typology of villages and some thoughts on the theoretical implications of this study. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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