Ag–Ag0.08V2O5·nH2O composite films as host materials for Li+ intercalation



We have prepared Ag–Ag0.08V2O5·nH2O composite films by dispersing Ag nanowires into V2O5·nH2O sol and have investigated electrochemical properties of the films for Li+-ion intercalation applications. With the molar ratio of Ag nanowires to V2O5·nH2O as 0.1, such prepared films are composed of metallic Ag nanowires embedded in the matrix of Ag0.08V2O5·nH2O, due to partial Ag reacted with V2O5·nH2O. At a current density of 85 mA/g, such Ag–Ag0.08V2O5·nH2O film can intercalate about two equivalents of Li ions and delivers twice the capacity of the V2O5·nH2O xerogel film. Such improved electrochemical performance is ascribed to the changes in the microstructure and crystallinity of the Ag–Ag0.08V2O5·nH2O films including (i) further amorphization of V2O5·nH2O, (ii) increased porosity, and (iii) enhancement of electrical conductivity. (© 2005 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim)