• 61.66.Fn;
  • 81.07.−b;
  • 81.15.−z;
  • 81.30.Dz;
  • 84.60.−h;
  • 85.60.−q


An overview over the progress in sulfosalts research is given, including basic and application oriented research work. The ternary and multinary compound semiconductor family is defined. The chemical composition possibilities are given as well as an introduction to the structural systematics. The peculiarities of the complex crystal structures are outlined. The main characteristics of thermodynamic properties are given exemplarily by the SnS–Sb2S3 pseudo-binary phase diagram. A new phase in the Sn–Sb–S system, SnSb4S7, is reported and the new crystal structure is shown. The published methods of synthesis, thin film deposition, and nanoparticle preparation are listed in tables. A detailed listing of different methods, used for sulfosalt thin film deposition is presented. Data of physical properties are collected and presented. A compilation of measured bandgaps is given. The potential of sulfosalts in possible applications and the role in actual applications are widespread. They include photovoltaic (thin film solar cells) and thermoelectric energy conversion (thermoelectric generator, Peltier elements), phase change memory (rewritable compact discs), catalysis, X-Ray detectors, and cryoelectronics. (© 2009 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim)