• Cu[BOND]Sn;
  • directional solidification;
  • hyper-eutectic composition;
  • intermetallic phases;
  • solders


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Cu[BOND]Sn alloys with a hyper-eutectic composition (97.53 at% Sn, 2.42 at% Cu and 0.05 at% impurities) were melted in a Bridgman-type furnace and cooled at different velocities ranging from free fall to 13 µm/s. The formation of the intermetallic phase along the alloys, as well as the size, distribution and microstructure were observed as a function of cooling speed, showing different particle morphologies and growth. The intermetallic phase formed was Cu6Sn5 as confirmed by chemical analysis and X-ray measurements. Electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) measurements indicate that the η′-monoclinic phase of the Cu6Sn5 intermetallic was formed on all samples, together with the β-Sn.

SEM images both transversal and longitudinal cross-sections of alloys cooled at different velocities.