Generation of an electromotive force by hydrogen-to-water oxidation with Pt-coated oxidized titanium foils



We show that chemically induced current densities up to 20 mA cm−2 and an electromotive force (EMF) up to 465 mV are generated during the hydrogen-to-water-oxidation over Pt/TiO2/Ti devices. We prepare the samples by plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) of titanium foils and deposition of Pt contact paste. This process yields porous structures and, depending on the anodization voltage, Schottky diode-type current–voltage curves of various ideality parameters. Our experiments demonstrate that Pt coated anodized titanium can also be utilized as hydrogen sensor; the system offers a number of advantages such as a wide temperature range of operation from −40 to 80 °C, quick response and decay times of signals, and good electrical stability.

Idealized sketch of the Pt coated anodized Ti foil and application as hydrogen sensor and electric generator.

original image