Inside Back Cover: InxGa1−xAs quantum wire network-like and ordered checker board-like nanostructures on GaAs (311) by low In composition multi-layer stacking (Phys. Status Solidi A 1/2011)



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Due to their interesting nature of self-assembly and exhibited quantum confinement, low-dimensional strained InxGa1−x As quantum structures on high-index GaAs have gained significant research attention. Optoelectronic device applications as light emitting diodes, amplifiers, solar cells, laser, and detectors have been demonstrated. Especially, GaAs (311) is offering ample opportunities. Jihoon Lee et al. (pp. 47–51) present an attempt to fabricate unique quantum wire (QWR) network-like nanostructures (QWRNNs) and ordered checker board-like nanostructures (OCBNs) on GaAs (311)A and (311) B by applying a low indium composition multiple-layer stacking technique. Under a same growth condition, QWRNNs were demonstrated on GaAs (311)A (the larger cover image) while OCBNs were fabricated on GaAs (311)B (smaller image) as a result of strain accumulation and transfer through the multiple layers stacked.