Back Cover: Bismuth, antimony and tellurium alloy nanoparticles with controllable shape and composition for efficient thermoelectric devices (Phys. Status Solidi A 1/2011)



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Derrick Mott et al. (pp. 52–58) report a wet chemical synthetic technique towards nanoparticles composed of Bi, Sb, and Te alloys for potential applications in efficient thermoelectric materials and devices. Thermoelectrics are gaining attention with the discovery that nanostructuring of the materials can increase the dimensionless figure of merit ZT. Many approaches have emerged that utilize traditional preparation techniques, but offer little opportunity to control nanoscale size, shape and composition which are all key in the creation of materials with high ZT value. The authors present a modified polyol synthetic route with different capping species to direct the shape of the nanoparticles. Using this technique, three primary morphologies were obtained including nanowires, nanodiscs and nanoflakes.