• combinatorial libraries;
  • co-sputter deposition;
  • Cu–Zn thin film alloys;
  • two-component sectioned cathode


Cu–Zn thin film oxide alloys have been fabricated by reactive co-sputter deposition using a sectioned two-component metallic target. A Cu–Zn compositional spread ranging from Cu–88 at.% Zn to Cu–1.3 at.% Zn defining a combinatorial library was identified. A thickness gradient with a maximum of 4.1 µm was found. The microstructure of the Cu–Zn oxide thin films was analyzed by SEM, finding three compositional zones with structural differences. XRD investigations have revealed different crystalline structures for each of the three zones. CuZn intermetallics and pure Cu-phase were identified together with Cu2O and ZnO. For the first compositional zone XPS depth profiles have shown metallic phase segregation at the thin film/substrate interface. At Zn concentrations higher than 45 at.% Zn an increased tendency of ZnO formation was identified. pssa201200798-gra-0001