• dielectrophoresis;
  • graphene;
  • impedance spectroscopy;
  • interdigitated electrodes


A method for the routine fabrication of graphene (reduced graphene oxide (r-GO)) based devices is reported. We describe a solution-based technique for the fabrication of the devices on alternative substrates and subsequent on-substrate processing of graphene oxide into reduced graphene oxide. As sensor platform we mainly used interdigitated gold electrodes forming microarray structures on glass substrates. Graphene oxide was site-specifically deposited onto microelectrode arrays by dielectrophoresis followed by a solution-based reduction of graphene oxide with L-ascorbic acid. In order to test the r-GO sensor stability and performance, impedance spectroscopy was used. The optimized all solution processed fabrication provides an attractive fabrication route for robust r-GO microarray devices in a flexible, scalable and cost-effective approach. pssa201200910-gra-0001

Schematics for a microarray chip based on reduced graphene oxide.