The Singapore Statement on Research Integrity


  • Alexander Kaminskii

    1. Member of the pss Editorial Advisory Board Vice-President, Executive Council of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP)
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As a participant of the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) 1, as a member of the Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science of the International Council for Science (CFRS-ICSU) as well as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of physica status solidi (pss), I would like to acquaint the readers, authors, reviewers, and co-workers of the pss editorial office with the recently approved Singapore Statement on Research Integrity 2. This document calls us all to be extremely attentive and concerned about preserving the purity of science and its moral foundations of honesty. In view of recently observed increasing levels of research misconduct and the general need to train especially students and young researchers in best practices, the Singapore Statement may be considered as a strong reminder, if not a loud alarm bell, to implement and preserve appropriate standards worldwide.

The official website of the WCRI describes the background and purpose of the Singapore Statement as follows:

“The principles and responsibilities set out in the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity represent the first international effort to encourage the development of unified policies, guidelines and codes of conduct, with the long-range goal of fostering greater integrity in research worldwide. The Statement is the product of the collective effort and insights of the 340 individuals from 51 countries who participated in the 2nd WCRI. These included researchers, funders, representatives of research institutions (universities and research institutes) and research publishers. The Statement was developed by a small drafting committee [Nicholas Steneck and Tony Mayer, Co-chairs, 2nd WCRI and Melissa Anderson, Chair, Organizing Committee, 3rd WCRI]; discussed and commented upon before, during and after the 2nd World Conference; and then finalized for release and global use on 22 September 2010.

Publication of the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity is intended to challenge governments, organizations and researchers to develop more comprehensive standards, codes and policies to promote research integrity both locally and on a global basis. The principles and responsibilities summarized in the Statement provide a foundation for more expansive and specific guidance worldwide. Its publication and dissemination are intended to make it easier for others to provide the leadership needed to promote integrity in research on a global basis, with a common approach to the fundamental elements of responsible research practice. The Statement is applicable to anyone who does research, to any organization that sponsors research and to any country that uses research results in decision-making. Good research practices are expected of all researchers: government, corporate and academic.”

The Singapore Statement can be viewed and downloaded in various formats on the website 2. You can learn more about the WCRI and plans for the 3rd World Conference (to be held in Montreal, Canada, 5–8 May 2013) by contacting