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Capacitance characterization of Ge15Sb85 phase-change thin films



The capacitance variation as a function of temperature and electric field for tellurium free Ge15Sb85 thin films deposited by the DC sputtering technique is investigated. The capacitance measurements were performed for a sweep voltage from −20 to +20 V at different temperatures, and at a frequency of 100 kHz. The results show a slight increase in the capacitance with temperature and it reaches a maximum value around 80 °C. As the temperature increases, the capacitance decreases and eventually becomes negative at temperatures close to the amorphous-crystalline transition temperature (TC). The sharp decrease in the capacitance can be attributed to the thermally activated conduction process with activation energy of 0.28 eV. Nonlinearity in the variation of capacitance with the applied bias voltage is observed at high temperatures close to TC. The phenomenon is explained in terms of the nucleation and growth process.