A numerical study to investigate magnetization, current density and trapped field properties of doped-Sm123 bulk superconductor under different magnetic fields



In this study, an FEM code based on a critical state model is used to further understand the electromagnetic behaviour of Yb211-doped Sm123 bulk superconductor by calculating the current and magnetic field distributions in doped samples both in uniform and non-uniform external field conditions. The results of magnetization loops from the numerical modelling have been compared with experimental results and they show a good match. In the numerical calculation result, the highest trapped field value, Bz, is 0.49 T for x = 0.25. In addition, the value of Bz trapped field in a non-uniform applied field is calculated as 18% larger than in uniform applied field and the current density of samples as a function of radius increase particularly at the sample edge with a non-uniform applied field for the x = 0.25 sample. It can be said that this numerical method will be a useful candidate to get an easy solution to many electromagnetic problems of doped-superconductor with complex geometries and in different field conditions as the performed numerical study is successful in clarifying magnetization, trapped field and pinning properties of Yb211-doped Sm123 superconductor.