• aberrations;
  • excimer laser;
  • nanoscale materials;
  • nanoscale pattern formation


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A route toward a top-down fabrication of non-periodically arranged substrate-bound metal nanostructure arrays using mask projection laser ablation is presented. In the first step phase masks featuring non-periodic patterns are fabricated by laser lithography and subsequent ion-beam etching. It is shown that the geometry of the diffraction mask projection laser ablation (DiMPLA) setup plays a crucial role for the ability to transfer non-periodic phase mask structures into arrangement of nanodots. The latter nanostructures, in the present case derived from an ultrathin Au film on a sapphire substrate, consist non-periodically arranged gold nanodots. These dots are exemplarily used as templates for the growth of sculptured thin films (STFs) by glancing-angle deposition (GLAD).

Light-optical micrograph of square pattern diffraction mask with smaller and larger periodicities, respectively.