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Analytic formalism for current crowding in light emitting diodes


  • Kyu-Seok Lee

    Corresponding author
    1. Convergence Components and Materials Research Laboratory, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Yuseong, Daejeon 305-700, South Korea
    • Phone: +82 42 860 5505, Fax: +82 42 860 6495
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This paper presents an analytic approach to simulating current crowding (CC) in light-emitting diodes with parallel p- and n-contacts. The electrical potential difference across the p–i–n layers is derived from the Laplace equation, whereas the current density through the p–i–n layers is obtained from the current density – voltage relation of a single-diode model. Since these two properties influence each other, they are calculated iteratively. It is found that CC depends on the applied voltage (or the average current density), the sheet resistances of the p- and the n-contact layers, the width of the active region, and the specific series resistance and ideality factor of the p–i–n layers.