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Electrical resistivity of transparent metal nanomesh electrodes



A metal nanomesh electrode has the potential to realize a low-resistive, rare-metal-free transparent electrode. However, the electrical resistivity has not been measured as yet. We fabricated metal nanomesh electrodes and their electrical resistivity was obtained by measuring the current–voltage characteristics. Comparing with the calculated values of the microapertures, the electrical resistivity of the nanomesh electrode tended to deviate from the calculated values with reduction of the aperture interval and increase of the aperture density. This deviation was considered to be the effect of narrowing the conduction path of electrons and increasing the electron scattering probability by the nanoapertures. The order of the resistivity of the nanomesh electrodes was 10−6–10−5 Ω cm, one order of magnitude lower than that of conventional transparent oxides such as indium tin oxide.