Flexible organic field-effect transistor fabricated by thermal press process


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High throughput printing processes have been developed for the fabrication of organic flexible sheet devices. However, printing processes inevitably use toxic solvents to prepare inks of organic semiconductors. Here we propose a novel and complementary method for the preparation of flexible sheet electronics. A thermal pressing method has several advantages, such as (i) being solvent-free, (ii) resulting in flexible device with structural durability against bending, (iii) making simultaneous sealing available to prevent physical or atmospheric damage, and (iv) providing seamless application to roll-to-roll processes by combination with toner technology. We have demonstrated that the characteristics of a flexible organic field-effect transistor (OFET) fabricated by the thermal press process were not degraded during or after the bending test until a bending radius of 2 mm was achieved, which is sufficient for the concept of a rolled-up type flexible sheet display.