Back Cover: One-pot synthesis of homogeneous CdSexS1−x alloyed quantum dots with tunable composition in a green N-oleoylmorpholine solvent (Phys. Status Solidi A 2/2012)



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Yang Jiang and co-workers report a one-pot route for producing homogeneous CdSexS1-x ternary alloyed quantum dots (QDs) with zinc-blende structure in a green and low-cost solvent of N-oleoylmorpholine (see pp. 306–312). Tunable emission, dependent on composition, has been systematically demonstrated to span 450–610 nm over the composition range x = 0-1. As shown by the cover image, the as-prepared CdSexS1-x QDs exhibit sharp photoluminescence emission features and various colors. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy and fast Fourier transform pattern (indicated by the background images) suggest that the as-prepared ternary QDs possess high crystallinity. At a certain Se/S feed mole ratio, the stoichiometric ratio of the ternary QDs keeps at a steady value, making it possible and reproducible to prepare composition-controlled alloyed QDs. This approach could be adopted to synthesize other ternary QDs with band gaps and properties varying with composition while maintaining a small size.