• bit-patterned magnetic recording;
  • exchange-coupled composites;
  • FePt;
  • nanoimprinting;
  • nanopattern

Bit-patterned media with a regular arrangement of extremely hard magnetic nanodots is a very promising concept for next generation ultrahigh density magnetic recording to realize storage densities of 1 Tbits in−2 and far beyond. To enable writeability with conventional writing heads the switching process may be thermally, microwave or domain-wall assisted. This paper concentrates on the fabrication and characterization of large-area hard magnetic L10-FePt and composite L10-FePt based granular and bit-patterned media. Within the framework of micromagnetism the magnetic reversal mechanism of different types of nanodots is analyzed from the temperature dependence and angular dependence of the switching field. pssa201329017-gra-0001