Synthesis and luminescence of Eu3+-activated molybdates with scheelite-type structure


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Scheelite-type Eu3+-activated molybdates [(Sr1−2xEuxLix)MoO4 and Sr0.40Eu0.40MoO4)] were prepared by the high temperature solid state reaction. The phase purity of the phosphors was characterized by XRD. The PL spectra, the fluorescence decay curves and the dependence of luminescence intensity on temperature were investigated in detail. The phosphors can be efficiently excited by near-UV light to realize an intense red luminescence corresponding to the electric dipole transition of Eu3+ ions. The external quantum efficiency of (Sr0.2Eu0.4Li0.4)MoO4 sample under 395-nm excitation is 0.73. According to the PL spectra, these phosphors could be candidate red-emitting materials for solid-state lighting if they are combined with green and blue efficiency phosphors and suitable near-UV InGaN chip.