Single-step fabrication of all-solid dye-sensitized solar cells using solution-processable precursor


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A one-pot, solution-processable fabrication method of dye-sensitized bulk heterojunction solar cell is employed to provide an alternate and analogous fabrication perspective for all-solid dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) in a single step. All-solid DSSCs of ZnO/dye/polythiophene derivative (P3HT) are fabricated from a soluble precursor solution of diethylzinc (DEZ), dye and P3HT. Owing to its air and moisture sensitivity, DEZ is decomposed on P3HT layer to form bicontinuous structures of ZnO and P3HT between which dyes are sandwiched. The photoaction spectrum of all-solid DSSC shows that it covered wavelengths up to 750 nm, leading to the conclusion that panchromatic photon harvesting and electron collection are possible due to the synergistic photon harvesting by both the P3HT and the dye sensitizer. pssa201329076-gra-0001

ZnO/dye/P3HT interfaces of all-solid DSSC solar cells prepared by a single-step fabrication process.