Nondestructively decorating surface textured silicon with nanorod arrays for enhancing light harvesting



We demonstrate a textured surface antireflection layer containing ZnO nanorod arrays (ZNAs) for light harvesting in a broad wavelength range by a nondestructive and direct procedure based on atomic-layer deposition and solution growth. The size and morphology of nanorod arrays can be designed according to the textured morphology. The requirements of ZNAs for mc-Si and c-Si cells are discussed in detail by controlling their growth conditions, while atomic-layer deposition is also used for accurate adjustment. By the decoration of nanorod arrays, the weighted average reflectance Rw decreased by more than 56%, resulting in an enhancement of external quantum efficiency and an improvement of about 3.64% for short-circuit current density. The antireflection method will open up alternative opportunities for achieving feasible, compatible, and nondestructive nonreflecting layers towards optimal light harvesting for PV cells.