Electro-elastic properties of YCa4O(BO3)3 piezoelectric crystals



YCa4O(BO3)3 (YCOB) crystal was reported to be a potential material for high temperature piezoelectric sensing applications. In this paper, the full matrix of electro-elastic constants, including dielectric permittivities, elastic constants, and piezoelectric coefficients were determined. The relative dielectric permittivities were measured to be math formula, math formula, math formula, and math formula, respectively. The piezoelectric coefficients were determined to be d11 = 1.7, d12 = 3.9, d13 = −4.2, d15 = −1.1, d24 = 4.4, d26 = 7.9, d31 = −0.77, d32 = −2.5, d33 = 1.4, and d35 = −5.0 pC N−1. In addition, piezoelectric cross-talks of YCOB crystals were investigated, where (XZlw)45°/35° and (YXt)−30° crystal cuts were found to possess pure thickness shear mode, with relatively large effective piezoelectric coefficients, being on the order of d15 = 8.8 and d26 = 9.0 pC N−1, respectively.