Temperature-dependent structure and magnetism of Mn-doped Ge nanowires



We report a study on the growth temperature dependent phase formation and its magnetic property in Mn-doped Ge nanowires (NWs) fabricated at temperature (TG) varying from 600 to 900 °C using vapor–liquid–solid technique. Structural and magnetic measurements on the nanowires reveal that Mn are not homogeneously distributed in Ge-matrix, but atomic clusters (Mn-rich regions) are formed in lightly doped Ge matrix (GeMn-matrix) at 600 °C. Upon increasing TG, Ge3Mn5 compound starts to nucleate in expense of atomic clusters following the migration of Mn from GeMn-matrix. At 900 °C, only precipitates of Ge3Mn5 in cluster-free Ge-matrix are found.