White light emission from a blue polymer light emitting diode combined with YAG:Ce3+ nanoparticles



It is reported the white light emission from a hybrid polymer light emitting diode (HyPLED) which has a film of YAG:Ce3+ nanoparticles. This white light is produced due to the combination of the blue light generated from a PLED and the green-yellow light coming from YAG:Ce3+ nanoparticles. This white light has CIE (International Commission on Illumination) coordinates of (0.31, 0.35) which is near of the ideal coordinate of (0.33, 0.33). The hybrid device presents a turn on voltage of 4 V, as well as a maximum luminance and efficiency of 266 cd m−2 and 0.34 cd A−1 (at 9 V), respectively. Finally, it was possible to tune the color emission from green to bluish-white by changing the operation voltage.