Magnetostriction-strain-induced enhancement and modulation of photovoltaic performance in Si-p–n/TbxDy1−xFe2 composite



High photovoltaic efficiency is a key index in the application of silicon (Si) solar cells. In this study, a composite of a photovoltaic Si p–n junction solar cell and a magnetostrictive TbxDy1−xFe2 alloy was fabricated. By utilizing the magnetostrictive strain to modulate the energy bandgap of Si, the open-circuit voltage and the maximum photovoltaic output power of the Si p–n junction solar cell could be enhanced by ∼12% and 9.1% under a dc magnetic field of ∼250 mT, respectively. The significantly enhanced photovoltaic performance and the simple fabrication process make the Si-p–n/TbxDy1−xFe2 composite a promising material for high-efficiency solar cell devices. pssa201330383-gra-0001

The structure of the proposed Si-p–n/TbxDy1−xFe2 laminated composite.