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Carrier transport mechanism of Mo contact to amorphous hafnium indium zinc oxides



We investigated the carrier transport mechanism of Mo contacts to amorphous hafnium indium zinc oxides (a-HIZO). As-deposited Mo exhibited nearly ohmic behavior, while the thermal annealing improved the ohmic contact significantly, i.e. the specific contact resistance was 1.9 × 10−1, 4.3 × 10−3, and 1.5 × 10−3 Ω cm2 for the as-deposited, 200 and 400 °C-annealed condition, respectively. The ohmic mechanism of as-deposited Mo contact might be attributed to the barrier inhomogeneity and/or to the trap-assisted tunneling. For the annealed contact, the carrier transport could be explained by thermionic field emission model, yielding a tunneling parameter of 57 meV and a Schottky barrier height of 0.82 eV, i.e. the ohmic behavior is due to the tunneling through thin barrier.

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