Parametric study of seed-layer formation for low-temperature hydrothermal growth of highly oriented ZnO films on glass substrates (Phys. Status Solidi A 6/2013)


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The scientific community is seeking alternatives for indium-tinoxide (ITO) films, which presently dominate the transparent conducting film (TCF) technology. By exploiting the basic principles of crystal growth in geometrically constrained conditions researchers from Jožef Stefan Institute (Slovenia) manufactured highly transparent (82%) and conductive (100 Ω/sq) ZnO films. With optimization of the seed-layer in accordance with the spatially confined oriented growth (SCOG) mechanism they achieve highly oriented transparent and conductive ZnO films on simple glass substrates following a low-temperature hydrothermal method. Read more on pp. 1083–1092. The photograph on the cover shows a ZnO fl ower grown from a seed-layer dot which was ink-jet printed on a glass substrate and beside is a schematically presented growth of ZnO film. (The SEM image was recorded using a JEOL JSM-7600F microscope by Matejka Podlogar, illustration of ZnO film growth was drawn by Aleksander Recčnik andcover was graphically designed by Aljaž Iveković.)