Role of Carrier Polarization in the Mechanism of the Electroluminescence of ZnS[BOND]Mn Films



A polarization which remains constant over a period of time and is caused by the accumulation of carriers in deep surface traps is observed in EL ZnS[BOND]Mn films. The polarization characteristics (i.e., the number of polarization charges, the time-dependence of its formation and destruction, the ionization energy of the traps, etc.) are determined in order to study the role of carrier polarization in the mechanism of EL. It is established that the polarization mainly affects the change in the internal field and therefore the impact ionization probability. Also, at the instant of voltage-polarity reversal, the polarization charge ionization leads to an increase in the number of carriers which can accelerate. All the EL properties and features of ZnS[BOND]Mn films may be explained on the basis of an impactionization mechanism if the polarization effects are taken into account.


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