Temperature and pressure dependence of the recombination mechanisms in 1.3 μm and 1.5 μm GaInNAs lasers



We have studied the pressure and temperature dependence of the threshold current density, Jth, in 1.3 μm and 1.5 μm GaInNAs edge-emitting lasers. We find that Jth is more temperature sensitive for the 1.5 μm devices. From analysis of the spontaneous emission from these devices we find that Jth for the 1.3 μm devices is comprised of 50% non-radiative monomolecular recombination, 25% radiative recombination and 25% non-radiative Auger recombination at room temperature. In the 1.5 μm devices however it is composed of 30% monomolecular recombination, 10% radiative recombination and 60% Auger recombination. It is clear that the major difference in Jth between the devices is caused by the increased Auger recombination in the 1.5 μm devices. Previously, we found that Jth for 1.3 µm GaInNAs lasers increases with pressure due to the increase in Auger recombination brought about by a large increase in the cubed threshold carrier density (n3th). However, for the 1.5 µm devices, we find no significant change in Jth with pressures up to 8 kbar. We suggest that this is due to the higher Auger coefficient for the 1.5 µm devices, which compensates for the increase in n3th with pressure. (© 2007 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim)