Dilute magnetic semiconductors from electrodeposited ZnO nanowires


  • Dedicated to Dieter Schmeißer on the occasion of his 60th birthday


We present experimental results on the magnetic properties of doped ZnO nanowires grown at 80 °C in electrodeposition. We show that impurities such as Al, Mn, Co, and Cu can be incorporated in the nanowires by adding the corresponding metal salts to the electrolyte solution. At concentration levels of a few atomic percent we find the impurity concentration in the solid to be approximately proportional to the precursor concentration in solution. ZnO nanowrires doped with Cu, Co, and Mn show superparamagnetic response at room temperature, while undoped and Al-doped wires show no discernible magnetic response. The results indicate that with Cu, Mn, and Co doping dilute magnetic semiconductors can be prepared.