• charge screening;
  • GdNi;
  • resonant photoemission;
  • RKKY interaction


Gd/Ni compounds with different Gd concentration have been investigated with constant initial state spectroscopy (CIS) of photoemission utilizing the light of synchrotron radiation. The photoemission cross-sections of Gd 5d and 4f states show a strong resonance in CIS spectra at the Gd 5p absorption edge. The screenings of Gd ions by Ni 3d conduction electrons results in a dramatic suppression of the 5p64f75d16s2 to 5p54f75d26s2 resonant enhancement of photoemission valence band intensities. This decrease in the super-Coster–Kronig photoemission resonant enhancement of the valence band can be related to the hybridized Gd 5d and Ni 3d bands near the Fermi level, consistent with performed first-principles calculations of local densities of states.