Frontispiece (Phys. Status Solidi B 3/2011)



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Spin selective transport in triple quantum dot systems In their article on pp. 732–740, Tosi and Aligia calculate the conductance through a system of three quantum dots under two different sets of conditions that lead to spin filtering effects under an applied magnetic field. In presence of a strong enough spin–orbit coupling, choosing adequately the magnetic flux through the system, either only the spin down or only the spin up is allowed to be transmitted through the system. The image shows the studied setup (three quantum dots coupled to two conducting leads) and the plots of conductance through the system with spin–orbit coupling as a function of applied magnetic flux for spin up (bottom graph) and spin down (top graph) at different temperatures. For example, at low enough temperatures and a flux near 0.6 flux quanta, the conductance is the ideal one for spin down and is negligible for spin up (whereas for a flux near 0.4 flux quanta, the conductance is the ideal one for spin up and is negligible for spin down).