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The mixed-spin ferro–ferrimagnetic ternary alloy



The equation image type of mixed-spin ferro–ferrimagnetic ternary-alloy with the spins SA = 1, SB = 3/2, and SC = 1/2 is investigated on the Bethe lattice on which the A ions are distributed only on the odd shells and B or C ions are distributed randomly on the even shells with the probabilities p and 1 − p, respectively. The phase diagrams are studied for given probabilities p, the ratio of bilinear interaction parameters equation image and the coordination numbers z = 3, 4, 5, and 6 with respect to the reduced temperature. It was found that the critical lines are seen at higher temperatures for higher q, otherwise they are qualitatively similar, therefore, the phase diagrams are only given for q = 6. In addition to the critical temperatures, the model also displays up to four compensation points for appropriate system parameters.