• domain walls;
  • spin current;
  • spin torque;
  • spin transport, spintronics


Spin–orbit induced spin torque and spin current in a smooth domain wall (DW) are theoretically investigated. We have analyzed the effect of the Rashba and Dresselhaus interactions on DW spin torque and spin current in the presence of magnetic impurities within the Boltzmann semi-classical model. It has been previously shown that in the non-equilibrium regime, the Rashba and Dresselhaus couplings can not be responsible for spin-current and both transverse and longitudinal spin-currents identically vanish. In the present work it has been found out that in the case of non-collinear magnetic structures such as DW, Rashba, and Dresselhaus couplings can generate and control both components of the spin current. Results of this investigation verify that the spin current of the DW strongly depends on density of impurities and non-adiabaticity of transport process. In addition results of the current work reveals that manipulation of the DW displacement can be realized by the Rashba and Dresselhaus couplings.