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Scheibenzuber and Schwarz (pp. 647–651) investigate the influence of polarization switching on the optical gain of semipolar InGaN quantum wells (QWs) depending on indium content and charge carrier oncentration using self-consistent 6 × 6 k·p band structure calculations. The cover illustration shows a 3D-plot of the topmost four valence bands in a (11–22) oriented, 3 nm thick InGaN QW with 35% indium. The band energy is plotted as a function of the hole wavevector in the QW plane (components kx′ and ky′). To the bottom left, there is a drawing of unit cell of the wurtzite GaN crystal, where the (11–22) plane is marked as a shaded blue rectangle, the orientation of which corresponds to the orientation of the main figure. The nuclear orbital drawings on the main figure illustrate the hole wavefunctions ( Px′ or Py′) of the corresponding valence band.