Fast and scalable memory characteristics of Ge-doped SbTe phase change materials


  • Dedicated to Stanford R. Ovshinsky on the occasion of his 90th birthday


Phase change memory (PCM) has opportunities of various applications on the premise of its high performance operations, which are still to develop with innovations such as change of a memory material. In respects of high-speed and high-scalability memory characteristics, δ-phase Ge-doped SbTe (GeST) materials stand as highly promising candidates. An overview of the material and device characteristics of these materials is presented primarily based on our recent experimental and computational studies and with a particular regard to their Sb-to-Te ratio (STR) dependence.

TEM images of the δ-phase GeST microstructures of varying STR and a highly scaled PCM cell with a δ-phase GeST of high STR.

original image