• heavy fermions;
  • Kondo screening;
  • unconventional superconductivity


We start from the Anderson–Kondo lattice model derived by us earlier, in which both the Kondo interaction and the residual hybridization processes have been included in a systematic manner. In the present work we discuss a fairly complete phase diagram including magnetic, pure superconducting (SC), and coexistent antiferromagnetic (AF)–SC phases. Both intra- and interatomic hybridization cases have been considered, separately. The Kondo insulating state with completely compensated magnetic moments has been obtained as a reference state, from which either AF or SC or mixed AF + SC phases evolve when the metallic state becomes stable. The SC pairing is induced mainly by the Kondo interaction. The method of approach we use is the so-called statistically consistent renormalized mean-field theory (SC-RMFT), encompassing essential corrections to the standard Gutzwiller-ansatz approach.