Doping of bi-layer graphene by gradually polarizing a ferroelectric polymer



The influence of the gradual polarization of a ferroelectric polymer on isotopically labeled bi-layer graphene has been investigated by Raman spectroscopy. The Raman frequencies of the 13C graphene modes are downshifted with respect to the Raman frequencies of 12C graphene, which enabled us to study the individual layer components of bi-layer graphene. The polarization of the ferroelectric polymer has a similar influence on the electron and hole concentration at the 13C graphene and the 12C graphene layer despite the 13C graphene layer being only in direct contact with the ferroelectric polymer. In the Raman experiment the doping of graphene was confirmed by a similar frequency shift of the G modes and similar changes in the intensities of the G′ modes during the electrochemical charging of the ferroelectric polymer.