• graphene;
  • nanomechanical mapping;
  • peak-force;
  • scanning-probe microscopy

Understanding the mechanical properties of suspended graphene membranes is crucial to the development of graphene nano-electromechanical devices. PeakForce QNM (quantitative nanomechanical mapping) atomic force microscopy imaging was used to rapidly map the nanomechanical properties of a range of suspended graphene membranes. The force–displacement behavior of monolayer graphene extracted from the peak-force imaging map was found to be comparable to that taken using standard nanoindentation. By fitting to a simple elastic model, the two-dimensional elastic modulus was measured at around 350 N m−1, corresponding to a Young's modulus of around 1 TPa. pssb201300137-gra-0001

Nanomechanical parameters which can be directly extracted from force curve data in real time. Inset shows a dissipation map of a suspended graphene membrane.