Elastic properties of fcc crystals of polydisperse soft spheres


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Elastic properties of fcc phases of soft polydisperse spheres, interacting through inverse-power pair potentials math formula, where r is the distance between sphere centers, have been studied by Monte Carlo (MC) simulations in the NpT ensemble with variable shape of the box. The simulations show that both the size polydispersity math formula and temperature T strongly influence the elastic properties of the studied system, including Poisson's ratio. Poisson's ratio is found to be negative and decreases with increase of temperature and size polydispersity in the math formula direction. Hence, the system is partially auxetic. Additionally, the obtained results indicate that wide range of Poisson's ratio values (from math formula to math formula) can be obtained by changing the polydispersity, the potential softness math formula and direction.pssb201384236-gra-0001

Poisson's ratio in math formula and math formula directions for polydisperse soft spheres with math formula and dimensionless pressure math formula versus dimensionless temperature.