• auxetic;
  • auxetic deformation model;
  • cellulose;
  • hydrogen bonded network;
  • negative Poisson's ratio;
  • paper

The objective of this research is to understand more fully the out-of-plane auxetic behavior of paper. In the reported research, initial characterization of the auxetic properties of common, commercially available papers is described. The results of these experiments suggest that the auxetic response seen in paper structures is related to the cellulose fiber network structure, as previously suggested, and is related to inter-fiber bonding and fiber organization in the sheet. These results also indicate that further study is needed to understand how materials and processing variables influence auxetic behavior. A mathematical model, attempting to explain auxetic response in an idealized arrangement of fibers is included. Ultimately, the fundamental understanding resulting from this research should lead to new product development opportunities for forest product-based paper materials as well as to the establishment of predictive structure–property relations for auxetic materials using paper as a model system. pssb201384243-gra-0001