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The back-cover article by Lisiecki et al. (pp. 314–320) presents various tests carried out on auxetic foams developed in the Air Force Institute of Technology (Warsaw, Poland) according to a novel Mechanical-Chemical-Thermal process. The tests were aimed at estimating the difference in structure as well as mechanical properties of the manufactured foam specimens throughout their volume. Therefore the processed foams were divided into subspecimens and tested separately. Within the article a detailed insight into the structure of conventional as well as auxetic foams is presented and the most important differences are highlighted. The thesis of the article is that the difference in mechanical properties is highly dependent on the volumetric compression ratio which is the characteristic parameter of the manufacturing process. Obtained results will help to adjust the M-Ch-T process in order to achieve more uniform foams or foams with tailored properties.

Financially supported by Structural Funds in the Operational Programme – Innovative Economy (IE OP) financed from the European Regional Development Fund – Project “Modern material technologies in aerospace industry”, Nr. POIG.01.01.02-00-015/08-00.