• 73.20.At;
  • 73.50.Dn;
  • 73.50.Jt;
  • 73.61.Ey;
  • 81.15.Hi


Quantitative mobility spectrum analysis (QMSA) was performed on multiple magnetic field Hall effect measurements of indium nitride grown by molecular beam epitaxy. This enables two clearly distinct electron species to be identified, which are attributed to the bulk and a surface accumulation layer. In this material, single magnetic field data corresponds to neither electron species, as both contribute significantly to the total conduction. The bulk electron distribution has an extracted average Hall mobility of 3570 cm2/(Vs) at 300 K with a concentration of 1.5 × 1017 cm–3, while the surface electrons have sheet charge density that is an order of magnitude higher than previously reported surface concentrations. The high quality bulk characteristics revealed emphasise the importance of using multi-carrier analysis when performing transport measurements on InN.