• TL;
  • EPR;
  • UV;
  • garnet


In the present work four solid solutions of peralspite garnets indicated PP, PS, R and A have been investigated as to their TL properties. The glow curves of PP, PS, R and A irradiated by gamma rays with dose from 10 to 1000 Gy (2000 in A) presented peaks around 150, 200, 260 and 360-370 °C, but the response of these peaks to radiation doses varies from sample to sample. Also we present glow curves when samples were annealed at 500 °C for 30 min and irradiated to UV light. In other experiments samples irradiated to 1000 Gy were exposed to UV light; the TL intensity decreases under UV exposure. OSL measurements show a linear growth with radiation dose below 200 Gy. Almost straight line signal is obtained for EPR spectrum of natural PS sample. The change in the shape of EPR spectrum of PS sample annealed at high temperature in the range 800 to 1000 °C indicates that Fe2+ converts to Fe3+. This is confirmed by Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy measurements. (© 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim)