Defects in Insulating Materials


  • Chris Stanek Conference Chair and Senior Editor,

  • Martin Nikl Conference Co-chair and Associate Editor,

  • Siegmund Greulich-Weber Associate Editor,

  • László Kovács Associate Editor


This issue of physica status solidi (c) is dedicated to papers submitted during the 2012 International Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials (ICDIM 2012), which was held in Santa Fe, NM USA on June 24–29, 2012. ICDIM 2012 is the 18th edition of a series that began in 1956 at Argonne, USA, with the meeting “Color Centers in Alkali Halides”. International conferences (ICDIM) take place every four years and are alternated with Europe-specific conferences (EURODIM). The series is a broad international forum on the science and technology of defect-related phenomena in crystalline and amorphous wide band-gap materials. Recent ICDIM conferences were held in South Africa (2000), Latvia (2004) and Brazil (2008). ICDIM 2012 was held jointly with Computer Simulation of Radiation Effects in Solids (COSIRES), which is a biennial conference that focuses on advanced computer modeling of surface and bulk phenomena stimulated by all forms of irradiation. Both ICDIM and COSIRES were held at the Santa Fe Community Conventional Center, and the poster session was held jointly in order to promote cross-pollination.

ICDIM 2012 received 142 abstracts from 131 reg-istered attendees (from 21 countries), in the areas of luminescence, scintillation, fundamental modeling, nuclear fuel, radiation damage, nanostructures as well as several on specific materials such as LiNbO3 and carbides, nitrides and diamond. Three keynote lectures were given during the first technical session of each day in order to provide a historical perspective and context for the oral presentations that followed. In addition to the keynote presentations, 13 invited and 52 contributed talks were presented. Young Researcher Awards were presented for best talk and poster to Qi Li (Wake Forest University) for his presentation “First principles calculations and experiment predictions for iodine vacancy centers in SrI2” [Phys. Status Solidi B 250, 233 (2013)] (sponsored by pss) and Yury Deshko (CUNY) for his presentation “Effects of planar geometry on the inhomogeneous broadening of zero-phonon lines of optical centers in diamond” [Phys. Status Solidi B 250, 278 (2013)] (sponsored by New Mexico Consortium), respectively.

We would not have been able to host ICDIM in Santa Fe without excellent organizational and technical support of the New Mexico Consortium and generous financial support from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Netzsch and Los Alamos National Bank.

The International Committee has selected Canterbury, Kent in England as the site of EURODIM 2014, to be held July 13–19, 2014 and chaired by Dr. Maria Alfredsson and Dr. Serena Corr of the School of Physical Sciences, University of Kent, and advised by members of the International Committee, Professor Alan Chadwick (University of Kent) and Dr. Rob Jackson (Keele University). Furthermore, the International Committee has also selected the place for ICDIM 2016 as Lyon, France, which will be chaired by Prof. Christophe Dujardin and Dr. Marie-France Barthe. (© 2013 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim)