• semipolar ZnO;
  • pulsed laser deposition;
  • X-ray diffraction;
  • photoluminescence;
  • thin films


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Semipolar (11\bar 2 \bar 2) ZnO was successfully grown on (112) LaAlO3/(LaAlO3)0.29(Sr2AlTaO6)0.35 substrate by pulsed laser deposition. The epitaxial relationship is [11\bar 23]_{\rm ZnO} // [11\bar 1]_{\rm LAO/LSAT} with the polar axis of [000\bar 1]_{\rm ZnO} pointing to the surface. For ZnO films with thickness of 1.6 μm, the threading dislocation density is ∼1 × 109 cm–2, and the density of basal stacking faults is below 1 × 104 cm–1. The (11\bar 2 \bar 2) ZnO exhibits strong D0X emissions with a FWHM of 9 meV and very few green–yellow emissions in the low-temperature (10 K) and room-temperature photoluminescence spectra, respectively.

The XRD 2θθ pattern of 1.6 μm ZnO films grown on (112) LaAlO3/LSAT only reveals a sharp (11\bar 2 \bar 2) ZnO reflection for ZnO. The inset figure is the XRD rocking curve of (11\bar 2 \bar 2) ZnO with a FWHM of 0.084°.

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