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Growth and properties of InGaAs nanowires on silicon: InGaAs nanowires have emerged as very versatile nanoscale semiconductors serving a wide range of potential applications, including next-generation photovoltaics, integrated photonics, tunneling devices, and high-performance III–V nanowire transistors. In particular, the tunability of the composition and hence physical properties as well as the unique integration capabilities on silicon make this nanoscale system very attractive. In the Review@RRL article by G. Koblmüller and G. Abstreiter (pp. 11–30), recent progress in the growth, structural, optical, and electrical properties of InGaAs nanowires on silicon are highlighted. Special attention is given to a comparison between conventional catalyst-assisted and catalyst-free growth methods as well as self-assembled versus site-selectively grown nanowire arrays. Besides the challenges for the selection of the proper growth method, in-depth understanding of fundamental physical and crystal-phase dependent properties as well as prospects for unique nanoscale InGaAs-on-Si heterojunction tunneling devices are all discussed in this review based on the most recent experimental results.