A course for clinical trial personnel in clinical study designs, randomization, allocation schedules, and interactive response systems



This continuing education course for professionals involved in all areas of clinical trials integrates concepts related to the role of randomization in the scientific process. The course includes two interactive lecture and discussion sections and a workshop practicum. The first interactive lecture introduces basic clinical trial issues and statistical principles such as bias, blinding, randomization, control groups, and the importance of formulating clear and discriminating clinical and statistical hypotheses. It then focuses on the most commonly used clinical study designs and the corresponding patient randomization schemes. The second interactive lecture focuses on the implementation of randomization of patients and drug supply through allocation and component ID schedules. The workshop practicum, conducted in small groups, enables students to apply the lecture concepts to real clinical studies. Flexibility was built into the workshop practicum materials to allow the course content to be customized to specific audiences, and the interactive lecture sessions can be stretched to cover more advanced topics according to class interest and time availability. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.