Comparative evaluation of wound healing potency of Vitex trifolia L. and Vitex altissima L.



The wound healing potency of ethanol leaf extracts of V. trifolia L. and V. altissima L. was evaluated in excision, incision and dead space wound models. Both plants were found to possess significant wound healing activity which was evidenced by a decrease in the period of epithelialization, an increase in the rate of wound contraction, skin breaking strength, granulation tissue dry weight, hydroxyproline content and breaking strength of granulation tissue. Histopathological study of the granulation tissue also showed an increased collagenation when compared with the control group of animals. Of the two extracts, the ethanol leaf extract of V. trifolia showed maximum wound healing activity compared with the leaf extract of V. altissima. However, on comparison with the control group, both leaf extracts were found to possess significant wound healing potency. Copyright © 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.